2018 SEO Focus: Local, Mobile, and Social

"Content is king" has long been the SEO mantra. While content might still be king, it is much like today's real life kings — an important part of their countries, but no longer fully in charge. As you move into 2018, start prioritizing the local, mobile and social aspects of your marketing strategy.

Local Rankings

Over the past several years, search engines have been increasingly been pushing verified local businesses to the top of search results. Instead of looking for keywords like "Italian restaurant Miami," they use actual addresses to display the businesses closest to the searcher. These local businesses are displayed above traditional keyword-based search results.

To take advantage, you'll need to sign up for search directories such as Google My Business. For lesser-known search engines, as well as the humans trying to find you, be sure your address is prominently displayed on your website.

Mobile Searches

Sixty percent of searches are now conducted on mobile devices, with even higher percentages in localized categories, such as restaurants. As consumers increasingly switch to smartphones and tablets, Apple is even rumored to be considering ending production of personal laptops and pushing non-business users towards iPads.

This means two things for your business. First, if you want to reach the majority of consumers, your website needs to work on mobile devices. Second, if your website doesn't work on mobile devices, it may be penalized by search engines who want to display usable results to their searchers no matter what device they're using. Simply put, having a mobile version of your website is no longer optional.

Social Media

The extent to which social media directly boosts SEO is debatable, but one thing is clear — a strong social presence can boost your business. Social media both provides a way for you to connect with your customers and for your customers to market your business for you.

Today, people share every moments of their lives, from "checking in" to restaurants to tweeting photos of their meals. Make it easy for customers to spread the word by having highly visible social share buttons throughout your website, and give them more content to share by advertising your deals and special events through your social platforms.

To learn more about how to build your social, mobile and local strategy to grow your business into 2018 and beyond, schedule a free consultation with a Coredeca marketing consultant today.