Articles Archive - June 2015

June 16, 2015

Replacing the Drupal Favicon

A thing I notice quite a lot these days isn't just lazy designers - It's lazy webmasters. I'm seeing far too many websites these days with absolutely no favicon, or a default one. We use the Default drupal favicon simply because we are a drupal themed site, we are all about the drupal CMS, so using this favicon is in good taste.

To change your favicon, simply do this:

  1. Find favicon.ico on your server (to be replaced like after step 5)
  2. Take your site's logo, or create a simple one
  3. Head over to, an excellent favicon generator site
  4. Import the logo, picture, or whatever you want to show up as the favicon (the picture in the address bar)
  5. Edit it to your liking

Upload that new favicon.ico onto your server where your website is, in the parent folder (in some cases, depending on where your site grabs the favicon from, it might be in another folder)

Then you're all done. You've got a shiny new Favicon.