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Coredeca’s consulting mission is to advise enterprises on how to understand, develop, and execute smart content strategies.

Our experts focus on combining independent and pragmatic thinking across a wide array of both marketing verticals and business scales.

This includes analytics, search engine optimization, and strategic planning to help grow your business and increase enterprise value.

From the Blog

  • 25.10.17

    Is your business struggling to stay afloat in an overcrowded industry? Has fierce competition impeded your company's ability to move to the next level? What if there was a way to make your competition irrelevant? A way to have the market all to yourself? This is exactly what Blue Ocean Strategy…

  • 04.10.17

    When you are trying to build a business or a brand, it's important to think about who is going to be using that brand. After all, they are the people you have to convince to become your paying customer -- and they are the ones who you need to keep happy post-purchase.

    In order to get…

  • 12.09.17
    How useful is Twitter?

    Twitter is no longer the basic platform that everyone thought it once was. It is used by more and more businesses to engage with their clients, celebrities to share their opinions and even politicians to share their policies! More and more marketers are seeing success in…

  • 06.09.17

    "Content is king" has long been the SEO mantra. While content might still be king, it is much like today's real life kings — an important part of their countries, but no longer fully in charge. As you move into 2018, start prioritizing the local, mobile and social aspects of your marketing…